Saturday, January 29, 2011

TMBG Shirt #5: World Tour 2040

Let's face it. If there's any band that has this kind of staying power, it's our boys. Like me, you may have missed out on seeing John & John perform in the eighties, but at least we can still look forward to seeing them perform in their eighties. After thirty great years of They Might Be Giants, here's to an even greater thirty more years!
Here we have the Johns as They Might Be appearing in the year 2040, illustrated by the great Tony Millionaire. John Flansburgh is wheelchair-bound, wearing old man glasses and has very little hair, the exception of course being inside his ears. He clutches an electric guitar, with no need for an amp in the futuristic world he now lives in. John Linnell, however is connected.. to an IV drip. He has his accordion handy as well as a bowling ball pattern of liver spots on his balding head. Both of the pale, fragile-looking men wear what appear to be hospital gowns and slippers, as if They Might Be Geriatric nursing home escapees who just busted out against doctor's orders to do just one more tour. You gotta admire that.
This "Tour Shirt" even includes the standard list of tour dates, venues and cities on the back. It's a grueling 22 shows in 24 days from January 13 thru February 6, starting in Asbury Park (Not the Stone, Stone Pone, Stone Pony but the Fast Lane) followed by New York, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Branson, South Amboy, New Haven, "LA Island" which has apparently been separated from the mainland via The Big One and "People's Republic of Utah", who have seemingly succeeded from the union. They will also visit some foreign countries; Sweden is treated to four shows, followed by Germany, Ukraine, China and Japan. The tour culminates with three off-world concerts on The Moon, Mars and "Las Venus". Of course, I might be living on one of these otherworldly colonies by then; nevertheless, I plan on following the entire tour. See you there!

MP3 of the Week:
Particle Man 
In honor of TMBG's 2040 show at "Le Ace of Base" in Brussels, Sweden, here's John Linnell performing "The Sign" instead of the usual PM bridge. Performed on 10/23/97 at The Agora in Cleveland, OH, this version also includes the lyric "Particle Man hates Particle Man"


  1. The artist is their friend Tony Millionaire, who's done a lot of TMBG work (also the strip Maakies and the Drinky Crow Show on Cartoon Network). Amusingly, in an interview, he mentioned not really listening to TMBG much, being more of a classical music fan.

  2. Thanks again! I certainly am aware of Millionaire; I have Drinky Crow tattooed on me! :)