Saturday, February 5, 2011

TMBG Shirt #6: Podcasting for Anteaters

This week's shirt is a sassy purple. Coming to us courtesy of the They Might Be Giants Podcast is a very popular design among passionate podcasters and anteater aficionados alike.
In a charming illustration by anthropomorphic enthusiast Jess Rotter, four social pairs of anteaters are depicted lounging, strolling or just hanging around while enjoying their TMBG podcast via large pairs of headphones. The female of the species are represented by skirts and high-heeled shoes. These guys are surrounded by vegetation, rainy clouds and.. tiny flying skulls? Here's a more detailed look, courtesy of
I e-mailed artist Jess, and she was kind enough to share some details of her experience with us: "John Flansburgh came to me with the idea for a tee shirt in 2006, after he saw an illustration I did for a British clothing line called Birdie (above). He wanted to create a world of music lovin' anteaters simply hanging out and listening to their favorite band: They Might Be Giants. (duh!) My favorite critter in the piece is the one in the mod stereo chair where you can only see his little belly and feet. I had a lot of fun making this piece for the Giants and hope that it makes TMBG fans beam."
The back of the shirt reads, "THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS PODCASTING FOR ANTEATERS" with a reappearance of the largest headphone-wearing mammal. This illustration also serves as the cover art for the "Podcast Highlights" promotional CD. First introduced in late 2006, this "Benefit for Bandwidth Anteaters on Purple" t-shirt is still available for purchase on the TMBG Merch Site. Support the podcast, and someday soon we just might be blessed with a new episode!

MP3 of the Week:

Insect Hospital
A short, improvised song that was performed on 9/28/98 at The Barrymore in Madison, WI.

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