Saturday, January 1, 2011

TMBG Shirt #1 - Hayseed Johns

Happy New Year!
This shirt holds a very special place in my heart, as I purchased it from the merch stand at my first TMBG show on April 28, 1993 at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ. Well, not this exact shirt. This is the replacement that I acquired much more recently to supersede my amazingly worn-out original, which is now unwearable yet lovingly kept in a safe place. I wore that shirt very, very often. It was my first TMBG shirt, so it seems fitting that I make it Shirt #1 on this blog.
The front of the shirt, a drawing by Mark Marek, depicts the Johns as a band hailing from the south. They Might Be Hayseeds, complete with large haystack and picket fence. Chewing on a hay stalk, Flansburgh is wearing a funny farmer's  hat and knee patches while disproportionally taller Linnell sports bare feet and overalls.
On the back, Mark pays homage to an illustration by Gustaf Tenggren on the cover of the classic childrens' book The Poky Little Puppy, one of the many "Little Golden Books" that was read to me as a child. The fact that I immediately recognized this image probably played a part in my decision to choose this shirt as my first.
"An all-time favorite" is how this shirt is tagged in the online merch store, and I could not think of a better description. Currently being offered is the new 20th Anniversary edition, which features a small version of the Puppy and TMBG's time-tested slogan. That's right, kids! You, too can wear Hayseed Johns for just $25.
I have chosen nine other personal favorites to occupy the first ten weeks of this project, in no particular order. After that, I will be picking shirts at random, or possibly by request. See you next week!

Weekly MP3s Continue:

 A performance of the Back To Skull sequel song featuring the patented Flansburgh Falsetto @ Mercury Lounge in New York City on 3/28/96.


  1. Hey TDK, I really like the great photos on your blog. As for T-Shirts, my fave is also the "Hayseed Johns" one. I liked another one that had a bird and a telephone. Was there a T-Shirt for Linnell & The Statesman? Please post that one if you have it. Also, an mp3 request: the Johns doing "Georgy Girl" - Thanks-- and best wishes for a great 2011.

  2. Thanks. There is a State Songs shirt, and I'll include it as a bonus for you sometime in the coming weeks. Thanks for the requests.

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