Saturday, January 15, 2011

TMBG Shirt #3: Tour Hats

Entrant number three of the TMBG Shirt of the Week finds us with the shirt that inspired the project. Illustrated by Young Fresh Fellows drummer Tad Hutchison in 1994, this one wins the award for silliest shirt.
"LOOKY AT THE NEW TOUR HATS!", the top proclaims in colorful, capital letters with the O's in the first word enlarged to resemble eyes. In white at the bottom, "THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS" is printed and three slogans are featured in the center: "Style you can count on!", "Quality you deserve!" and "Keeps head warm too!". What these signs are referring to are the three surrounding absurdly slim figures impossibly supporting on their heads what appear to be full-sized musical instruments. It's a three-piece hat-band with guitar, accordion and drums, the last of which seems to be precipitating some perspiration from its bearer. Nevertheless, he and his associates seem happy enough, with broad smiles and flat eyes hovering in empty space in front of their faces. 
A few months back I was posting the photo of the day of John Flansburgh that I took an an instore in '03 in which I believe that he's showing off his newest guitar by holding it above his head. It reminded me of this shirt so I added the comment, "Keeps head warm too!". Somebody asked me to explain and I wanted to show them what I was referring to but had to settle for describing it because I was unable to locate a decent photo of the shirt anywhere on the Internets. That's when I first had the idea for this weekly t-shirt deal.
The back of the shirt reads, "THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS (R) HATS" followed by "Take 'em anywhere!! Hats designed for your 'on the go' lifestyle". What follows are four ridiculous panels that depict some great examples of activities one might partake in while wearing this fabulous headgear. We have "Perfect for the office!", "Ski trips!", "Golf outings!" and of course, "Rock n roll concerts!" with the guitar player and drummer wearing what else but guitar and drums on their respective heads. Now that's rock!!

MP3 of the Week:

TMBG goes ahead with a Tower Records instore performance in New York City on 10/16/98 without John Flansburgh, who is feeling under the weather. They do have some horns, so this classic from the Edgar Winter Group is attempted, and here's the amusing result.


  1. I love that shirt, too. Though it's Tad Hutchison -- he's the drummer for the Young Fresh Fellows as well!

  2. Thanks for the clarification!