Saturday, March 26, 2011


Shake the ground with 10,000 watts of earth-shattering TMBG funny car power. It's the NASCAR shirt. Printed in long sleeve with branded racing stripes on the sleeves. My favorite part about this shirt is that it sports the band's name (or its initials) a stunning eight times.
Designed by graphics wiz Mike Mills, who also created the John Henry, Back to Skull and Snail Shell single covers. Authentic pit crew oil stains not included. As indicated on the back, this print is number two in a limited edition series of one hundred shirts. Just kidding.
I do in fact have a legitimately rare short-sleeved version of this shirt, which I wear much more often. My sister came across it in a thrift store for three dollars while vacationing in Florida, and brought it back for my amazement. I have never seen another one of these, anywhere. It's rare-wear!

MP3 of the Week:
I'll Sink Manhattan
John Flansburgh talks about the origins of the song's title and who it pissed off. Performed at Irving Plaza in New York City on 2/21/97.

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