Saturday, March 19, 2011

TMBG Shirt #12: Gumby Giants

They Might Be Claymation. On a shirt. Without the 'mation. Requested by Gabby.
The front of this "baseball tee" features a "Meatclown" anthropomorphic hamburger tree, as well as a couple ocularized burgers being grilled. The "unpicked" bunned patties seem to have have grown some pretty, lustrous hair.  Nothing weird about that. Above, the band name is begun with a golden, jewel-encrusted "They". Admittedly, I don't wear this shirt as often as many others because I'm not a big fan of the 3/4 "baseball tee" sleeves. Designed in 2003, you can still purchase "Gumby on White/Navy" at the TMBG Merch Store.
The back explains the title of the shirt. Here we have John and John in what appears to be clay. They have odd complexions and long, alien-like fingers. The golden-jeweled name is completed below. This is one of those shirts which really seems to me that it would have looked better with the front picture on the back, and vice-versa. The figures were created by 2002 Oscar and Emmy-winning animator of "Boobiegirl", Brooke Keesling. Here's a photo from her website and what she has to say about the shirt:
"I went to see the LA premiere of Gigantic (the documentary about the band They Might Be Giants) and gave a copy of Boobie Girl and Meatclown to John Flansburgh after the show, just as a fan. Well, a few weeks later I received an e-mail from them asking me to design a t-shirt for their next tour, they wanted puppets of themselves made in the style of Meatclown (embedded below) …Here they are!"

MP3 of the Week:
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
This is the "freaky version". The ending is.. freaky. Performed at Irving Plaza in New York City on 10/29/94

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