Saturday, March 5, 2011

TMBG Shirt #10: The Snowman Shirt

What are you staring at? Haven't you ever beheld an animated snowman being brazenly broiled by a blazing buildup of billowing banknotes? Why would he do such a thing?? Well, I suppose that Frosty has decided to off himself in style; he's even smoking a cigar with a mischievous grin. With his overt obliviousness of the irresistibly inexorable irony, this stylish softening snowman is anything but abominable!

I have a total of nine different versions of The Snowman Shirt, including two sweatshirts.  This is my personal favorite , in stunning color on white.
The back of the shirt pictures what's left of poor Mr. Snowman; just a puddle, his pair of mittens and top hat. What happened to his scarf and galoshes? We may never know.
Illustrated by Mark Mazut, this seminal TMBG drawing first appeared on the 1987 Don't Let's Start EP on vinyl, which features When It Rains It Snows as a b-side. Coincidence? I think maybe!
Here, a somewhat smaller Snowman is drastically dwarfed by the band name.  I also have this one in reverse, with black printing on a white shirt, and nothing on the back of either. "Snowman on White" and "Snowman on Black" are both currently available on the TMBG Merch Store.
This one is a ringer shirt with the band name on the back instead. I also have this permutation in orange, and another that's white. "Solo Snowman on Black" is also available on the TMBG Merch Store, which has white printing on black, without the rings. I don't own that one.. yet. Let's go for ten!
This is a 20th Anniversary Shirt, as it says on the back along with the name and slogan.
I also have a tour shirt version which is similar to my favorite, with Mr. Snowman bigger then ever, though with less color.
It's the "John Henry World Tour" t-shirt, with '94-'95 dates listed on the back including my second and third shows, in Red Bank, NJ and Asbury Park, NJ respectively. I don't remember this being sold at those shows, but then, it was a long time ago.
The Snowman design is also on a couple of sweatshirts, again available in the TMBG Merch Store. There's the original "Snowman on Black" pullover hoodie, above as well as the newer "TMBG Road Crew on Brown" zip-up hoodie, with the Snowman on the back.

MP3 of the Week:

This Del Shannon classic sounds awesome with accordion! Performed at the Modjeska Theater in Milwaukee, WI on 10/5/92.

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  1. I need to replace my husband's white melting snowman tee.....where can i find one?????!!!!!