Saturday, February 4, 2012

TMBG Shirt #58: Severe Tire Damage Tour

This is the shirt that was used to promote the 1997-1998 Severe Tire Damage Tour. The front pictures closeups of Linnell's red accordion and Flansburgh's custom Mojo guitar, complete with grasping hands of the Johns. The guitar is the same photo from the back of the STD album, however on the album a white accordion is pictured above it. The shirt reads "they might be", with the last word held off for the back. 
I purchased this shirt from the merch stand at the Stone Balloon in Newark, DE on 9/9/97, right at the start of the tour. When I did, I immediately noticed that the number printed for (functional at the time) Dial-A-Song was wrong. It seems that at the first couple of shows They sold this misprinted shirt with some poor lady's phone number on it. I don't know how this happened, but I remember being told that corrected shirts were being sold at the next show, so this version must be rare indeed.
The back of the shirt has the lower half of the STD album cover with "giants" printed over it to complete what was started on the front. "Severe Tire Damage Tour '97-'98" is printed on the blue stripe. Above it is a car on the street, though again it doesn't seem to be the same car from the back of the album.
MP3 of the Week:
The Mesopotamians

Performed as a trio (John, John and Marty) at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre in New York City on 12/8/11.
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