Saturday, December 31, 2011

TMBG Shirt #53: Nu Wave For The Nu Year

Happy New Year! My final shirt for 2011 is another of the latest offerings to appear on the TMBG Merch Store. It's a red and blue masterpiece called "Nu Wave" that exhibits the band name in a very unique way. Each letter is proceeded by a red line of varying thickness and direction which leads to the next one. It would actually take some time for a passer-by to interpret the garment by following the path.
The back reads, "SINCE 1982" in the same manner. Celebrate 2012, They Might Be Giants' thirtieth year of Installing and Servicing Music in style. Purchase Nu Wave on Blue for the Nu Year now!

MP3 of the Week:
Auld Lang Syne on NYE '98

Performed thirteen years ago at the now-closed Tramps in New York City, this traditional New Years Eve song was used to introduce the band. Happy New Year!!
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