Saturday, October 8, 2011

TMBG Shirt #41: Ape Club

As you may know, They Might Be Giants have resurrected Battle For the Planet of the Apes after a eight year hiatus. It has been rebranded "Ape Club" and thrust upon the unsuspecting audience, which as always are divided directly in half and instructed to chant the words "PEOPLE!" and "APE!" with a raised fist as the band plays. John Flansburgh has taken it a step further by using a blinding flashlight (Flanslight?) to create an aisle of emptiness in the middle of the club. Check out the video below to (kind of) see what I mean.
A new 2011 tour shirt has been introduced to coincide with the Rise of Ape Club. It features a damned dirty yet colorful ape with clenched fist held aloft. "Monkey Tour on White" is available for purchase at the Merch Store, so go get it and Ape out!
On the back, a listing of the dates that comprise the first two legs, or first half of the tour. It began on September 8 in New Haven, CT and ends on November 26 in Washington, DC.
There is also a new Ape hoodie available. It has the ape on the back and the familiar "Road Crew" inscription and logo on the front in white with blue swirlys.
To finish off the Ape theme, here's the performance of Ape Club that I shot on September 30 at The TLA in Philadelphia, PA, which ends with an unprecedented result. Check it totally out!

MP3 of the Week:

"Spacey Intro Song"
TMBG opened in Boston with this. If you would like to feel as confused and surprised as we did at the show, I suggest that you press the play button without hovering over the above link, which will reveal what song was being played. Performed at the Berklee Performance Center on 10/1/11.
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