Saturday, September 17, 2011

TMBG Shirt #38: Sailor Shirt

Avast, me heartys! This Monday, September 19 be International Talk Like a Pirate Day (and CapitalQ's birthday) and we be celebratin' with this shirt that you could be wearin' to be sailin' the high seas. This epic garrrment by none other then swarrrthy arrrtist Tony Millionaire comes complete with whale-flanked pirate ship and colorful tattoo "sleeves". 
Shiver me timbers! It be available only in off-white with long sleeves. The back be harrrboring some kind of ocean liner piloted by scurvy dogs that do be trapped inside a glass bottle. Yarrr, this be garrrb fit for any swashbucklin' buccaneer worth his salt, and I will be keelhaulin' the first son of  a biscuit eater that utters otherwise! 
Ahoy! Thar be one of my favorite performances of Why Does the Sun Shine?!
We be leavin' you landlubbers with a bloody helpful instructional video brought to you by the scallywags at

MP3 of the Week:
Pirate Girls Nine

 By the powers! We be pressing on with our piratey theme. This musical numerical booty was performed on 2/23/08 at Borders in New York City.
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