Saturday, October 2, 2010

Three Down, One Missed and Five to Go

We saw a nice family show at Town Hall, then headed downtown for the customary pastrami sandwich at my favorite NYC eatery, Katz's delicatessen. We spent longer there then anticipated, and rather then hurry back uptown we decided to skip the second show, which we suspected would have an identical setlist.

Anyway, Here are some more photos that I took in Providence:

 Above, John Flansburgh checks to see if the show is running long.
Below, he counts off something or other while Dan Miller feigns interest.
 Above, John Linnell prepares to execute an "I Dream of Jeannie" maneuver.
Below, he gets underneath things.
 Above, Danny Weinkauf has a seat while The Avatars of They do their thing.
Below, John Flansburgh does likewise while banging on the drum for Whistling in the Dark.
 Above, Danny looks on in amazement as both Johns simultaneously go narcoleptic on our asses.
Below, Marty averts his eyes from the devastating confetti storm.
 Above, Linnell steps away from his apparently broken mic and gazes amusedly at Flansburgh as he is forced to tackle the opening verse of Alphabet of Nations single-mouthedly.
Below, Linnell then attempts to steal Flansburgh's mic, who slaps his hand away in feigned annoyance.
 Above, John's mic is reactivated and he decides to swallow it whole in order to avoid further difficulties.
Below, Dan "Solder" Miller backs that shit up!

Originally recorded by Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias, this song was covered at Tramps in New York City on New Years Eve 1998. (My 31st TMBG show) The ceiling was too low for normal utilization of The Stick, so Lie Still Little Bottle was not performed. Instead, John Flansburgh sings into The Stick's attached distorted microphone while John Linnell pipes his own voice through the vocoder. 


  1. I was wondering what happened to you after that first show. It's a shame you missed the second one. It was far better.

    See you in a couple of weeks.

  2. Oh well.. our seats were far worse.